How it Works

What's it all about?

The PAL scheme uses the latest technology to encourage and help you become more active.

How does it work?

Here's the 'techie' bit ... you will be able to track your physical activity via a number of routes by swiping a 'loyalty card' across sensors using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and Near Field Communication (NFC). This system, known as the CredX system, was developed by Intelligent Health.

Sensors are placed around Stormont Estate at locations approximately 8-10 minutes walk apart. The sensors are equipped with NFC readers. Sensors are placed at set locations with known distances between them. Each loyalty card contains an NFC tag and unique identifier which is used for the basis of monitoring your physical activity levels.

When you swipe your card on a sensor, this triggers a message that is sent to the website that logs the interaction between you and that location. You must swipe your card over at least two sensors placed at two different locations in order for it to be logged on the website. When you hear a 'beep' and see a small light flash on the sensor, you know your swipe has been successful. Each swipe of the card is time-stamped and checked against a set of rules to ensure that it is a 'genuine' swipe.

Minutes of physical activity are automatically archived on your own webpage and sent via a regular text message (for free) to your mobile phone or via email.

The Website

The website is packed with tips and hints to help encourage you to be more active and lead a healthy lifestyle. We tell you all about the great benefits there are to being more active for you, your family, at work and at play. We also provide you with the necessary help to set you on your way:

  • Planning Tool: helps you to schedule physical activity into your daily routine. Schedule it in and treat it like any other business meeting that you must attend.
  • Are You Ready Tool: helps you to identify how ready you are to make this change and provides you with personal advice to get you moving.
  • Goal Setting Tool: what better way to keep you motivated than to set yourself a few challenges. This tool will help you set realistic, personal goals to keep you motivated.
  • What's Stopping You Tool: we all have different reasons that stop us from being more active. This tool helps you to identify what is stopping you and provides personal advice to help you overcome these obstacles.

How to collect minutes of physical activity?

It couldn't be easier! When you register you will receive your PAL card in the post. The PAL card contains a microchip. When you swipe your PAL card across the sensors, you will automatically get awarded minutes of physical activity on your own personal webpage telling you the number of minutes you have spent being active, the number of miles you have travelled and an estimate of the number of calories you have burned.

Examples of ways that you can accumulate amounts of physical activity:

  • by going on a walk, run or cycle around Stormont estate;
  • by going to a fitness class or the gym at the Activ Health Club before, during or after work.

How to keep track of your physical activity?

You can keep track of your physical activity levels in a number of different ways, for example:

  • by logging onto your personalised account through our website;
  • via email and text message updates.

Your next step?

If you are interested in taking part then your next step is to register with us. Simply click on the Register button. You will be asked to complete some personal information which will be kept completely confidential. This information will help us to find out just how beneficial the scheme is in improving your health..

Our next step?

Our next step will be to test the effects of the PAL Scheme on those who take part. It is important that we understand how the PAL Scheme impacts on you in terms of your physical activity levels, and your health and wellbeing. This is where we need your help.